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Quick updates and random babble.

Okay here is the links you need. … Guild Facebook page : PLEASE ONLY JOIN IF YOU ARE FROM THE UK. ALSO IF YOU’RE NOT IN BIRMINGHAM YOUCAN STILL JOIN AS YOU CAN GO TO CONS. PLEASE BE ACTIVE IN THE GUILD. IF YOU JOIN SAY I REFERRED YOU (My real name is Charlotte) Thanks for watching this guys! Post anything you’d want Me to do and I’ll do it. ~sayonara♡♥


Updates,apologies,etc, Gomen-Nasai !! ;U;

Konnichiwa!! Welcome back to the blog!! ^U^

Wait..I shouldn’t be happy..I feel like a traitor…I haven’t updated this blog in so long!!!!

I feel like I have been stuck in a bubble!

I have been meaning to update, I promise, I just haven’t had time. I’ve been on holiday, without internet and I’ve also had lack of computers and smartphones to update and soforth.

But anyway…I think its time to discuss some stuff with you guys !! ^^


I know this is MY blog and its MY choice on what I want to post, but I have a question.

Apart from me reviewing Cosplays as I have in the past, what other stuff would you guys like me to review??

Like apart from Anime and Cosplay. Is there anything that you’d like me to review other than that??


Also is there anything that you guys DON’T want me to review? Like fanfiction or stuff of the sort?

I’d be happy to, I honestly would, I don’t mind what I review.

Just leave your thoughts down there in the comment box and I will definetly get around to them.


Before I sign off, just a few quick announcements.

I have a Fanfiction account! >> StuddedHeartbreaks << (Gosh it sounds so emotional)

I also have a deviantART account !! >> ~PSYPSYPSYYY << (Yes inspired by K-Pop star PSY, I can’t wait for the 13th, his new song comes out xD)

I also have more cosplay plans. Not sure how many will by completed but here they are >> The Phantom from The Phaaantom of the Opppppppperaaaaaaaa 😀 Going in to get supplies today :D. Portals very own Companion Cube, (Only a Head peice, not sure if I will make it -w-) Also Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants (Getting supplies soon, might just be shorts, and a very pink shirt)!! And also a Matryoshka Jacket for Meiko and I’m also updating my Misa Amane Cosplay.


What are your Cosplans?!

Let meh know below 😀


~Making cosplay a little more important everyday


Konnichiwa!! Happy Easter! Ah, I broke up to day, I had a few goodbyes, my best friend has left for a new school ;-; and my form tutor has been promoted to a higher level of teaching, meaning he had to leave.

BUT! I shredded no tears. I don’t cry so easily…OKAYILIED.BIGDEAL. 

Im really excited about how popular this blog is getting,I’ve got a small amount of followers so far but I will get more popular in time.

thank you for all your support, don’t know where I’d be if this even got so popular.

the next blog should be up in a few days. I’m going to have to change my blogging system,e cause apple is hating the site and dodging ISP my posts. 

So, it’s late, (seriously, it’s eleven PM in my time o.O)



First Review!~ Cosplays.

(the props are a big success too! I'm made my own Yuki Cross Artemis Rod, it got destroyed ;-; )

Vampire Knight Cosplayers

Konnichiwaa! Welcome back to my blog! I was really shocked by the amount of follows, views and feedback I’ve had so far! Thanks guys, it means a lot! anyway, in this blog I’ll be reviewing one of my favourite anime Cosplays. it will be Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino. words can’t describe how much I love her work ❤ ! I think Vampire Knight has been the best anime I’ve watched, next to Blood+ (still currently watching, will be finished by Easter Sunday). Anyway, I aboslutely ADORE the cosplay in Vampire Knight, I love everything about it, except for my own cosplay, (although store bought, the bow is a pain in the butt to do! 😥 )

So, lets see, as you can see up there ^^^^ is my chosen Cosplayers, they awesome nee?

Trick question! They are awesome!

The guys you see here are apart of DeviantART, a site where people can show the art they have made. The main character of the group (AKA Kaname Kuran) has a deviant art and has put the work up on the site, so if you’d like to check it out, just search you’ll be sure to find them!

So what will I rate this cosplay?!


Overall, the love of the cosplay that I have has to be a TEN! It’s not because I’m addicted to the cosplay, nor the anime but I love the way they portrayed the charcters, all the night class cosplayers were solemn, as with Zero, and as Yuki is bubbly, the way they made her smiling really made the cosplay better.

What would I rate the costumes? : Well they all look store bought, so the rating would be around a 8-9, but if it was tailored, then WOW, they deserve another TEN!! I’m not saying that all store bought outfits are lesser quality, but most the time, the quality isn’t the best. But if these are handmade, then the quality is amazing also.

What would I rate the Character? : Well they all portrayed the characters perfectly, so i’d rate it a TEN again.


~Well, thats the end of the review I guess. What would you guys like me to review next? Just simply comment and I’ll try and review it.

Suggest me to your friends and follow if you haven’t done already~


~Making Anime a little more important everyday~


Konnichiwa Readers!~ Todays the start of my new blog! ~!ANIME,MANGA&COSPLAY!~It will feature  all the Anime, Manga and Cosplay that you have feasted your eyes on! It’s not just about the Animes I’ve watched, but the Anime that guys have watched as well!~ I’ll review a selection of anime, manga and cosplay each week or so, giving my honest opinions so you guys can enjoy before you watch, read your cosplay yourself!

So in the meantime, whilst I gather my favourite Manga anime and Cosplay for you guys to read upon, how about answering this question?

What was your first Anime you watched? Why did you watch it first? Do you think I’d enjoy it?

I will try and watch as many anime as possible before my time is up, remaking sure to review  them when I have, don’t worry guys, I won’t flame them, so put the extinguishers away, I think most anime don’t get the acknowledgement they need, and hopefully, with this blog, it will help them get immensely popular!~


~Helping anime become a little more popular every day~